What is this gunk? Oil Based Pomade for beginners

So you have just gotten a new haircut or hairstyle and have just started to dive into the ocean of creams, waxes, gels, mousse, hairspray.  It's best to bypass all of those options and look for the old standby.  Pomade. 


Pomade has been used throughout the years as a styling product and was the cornerstone of the Greaser subculture.  There are two general categories of pomade, oil based and water based. People will extoll the distinct benefits of both varieties, though overall we feel that the oil based products are the best way to go. 

Benefits of Oil Based Pomade

The first huge benefit is that with oil based pomades tend to have fewer harsh chemicals.  Many water based pomades have a variety of petroleum products and other plastics included so that they can deliver a rock hard hold.  Our pomade takes this a step further and only includes easy to pronounce, all natural ingredients. 


Oil based pomades also offer a bit more bang for your buck than other styles since it allows you to develop a "buildup" of product even after you wash your hair.  This buildup is desirable as it helps to train your hair and keeps you from using as much pomade on the following days.  This also acts as a "leave in conditioner" that keeps your hair soft and healthy. 


Finally oil based pomade is meant to provide a flexible hold. Some pomades give a rigid crunchy hold and are impossible to restyle. Our pomade allows for restyling and adjustments throughout the day. 


Whatever you do, make sure that you enjoy your new style!