Healthy Lips Tell Great Stories: Stacey Thompson

Here at Gunther's we value a good story and the people who tell them.  We are kicking off a series of posts about people who tell a great story through various media. Our first post is about a fashion model and photographer, Stacey Thompson

Stacey agreed to do a quick interview about fashion photography even threw in a few pointers for aspiring photographers. Below is an excerpt from our conversation.


Erich- When did you first take interest in photography?

Stacey-When I was 18. My dad has always has an interest in art. He purchased a DSLR, and I was instantly in love with it. I invested in my own camera a few months later


Erich- How's it been working with aspiring models? Are they total divas?

Stacey-It's great! Modeling is similar to acting in some ways; it helps to have skilled people to work with. Then I can focus on taking photos, and leave the rest to the models.


Erich- Your pictures look great! Would you say that it's because of your talent, or because of the models?

Stacey- Thank you for the compliment! It's definitely an even split. Expression and body positioning is so much harder than it looks, especially since everything is relative to the lighting and camera position. The clothing and makeup plays a big role as well. My shoots are typically a team effort, where the model, makeup artist, and myself (and sometimes a designer/stylist) collaborate to create a certain mood. Sometimes things turn out completely different than what we had intended, but that's part of the process.



Model: Danielle Boker Makeup: Anne Hudson


Erich- So it's a much more elaborate production than just a girl posing and someone with a camera?

Stacey- Many of the shoots I do are. That's typical of the fashion genre. It's a lot of work to put a photo shoot together. Sometimes I enjoy a low-pressure shoot with someone less experienced in front of the camera. It's incredible to watch how fast people's skills can evolve as they become more comfortable. You don't have to be a "model" to create a gorgeous image.


Erich- What is your role in all of this? I mean do you try to present things in a certain way, or just capture them as they happen?

Stacey- I would say I do a bit of both. I begin with an idea, and go from there. If it turns into another concept along the way, I try to go with it. During the shoot, I give some direction, but the model is in constant motion changing poses; I try to capture everything without disrupting the flow.


Erich- How do you put a piece of yourself into your work

Stacey-I love dreamy, ethereal images. Not every photo I take turns out that way, but I often try to achieve that effect, through both shooting techniques and post-processing.


Model: Chalice Keith Makeup: Olivia Cramer Styling: Laurie Everett All clothes and accessories from Annie Laurie's Antiques


Erich- Is that because you consider yourself spacey? Or is it just an idea that you connect with?

Stacey-Both! I've always been a dreamer. I become distracted easily, as I tend to become lost in thought. Growing up (and even now as an adult) fairy tales were always my favorite genre of book. I think this is my way of trying to project my idealism onto the world; by making things more beautiful and intangible.


Erich- Last one. Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

Stacey- I do!

1) Invest in a good DSLR. has great product reviews to help you find a camera and lenses in your price range.

2) Do a little research. Read your camera's instruction manual, look online for tutorials, and don't be afraid to ask other photographers for tips

3) Practice! Keep shooting and trying new things. I'm always learning from shooting in new and unexpected conditions.



Model: Jessa Warren Makeup: Anne Hudson

Please make sure to check out all of Stacey's work at or follow her on instagram @stacey_shay. If any of you would like to featured in our new blog series about great stories, or know of someone who would be a great feature please let us know in the comments below.

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